Documentos necesarios

  • Completed and Electronically Signed Online Application
  • Copy of Driver License or Photo ID
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Baptism Certificate, if you are already Baptized Roman Catholic
  • Copy of First Communion Certificate, if you are already received the Holy Communion


  • Those baptized in a non-Catholic Christian denomination, which baptism is accepted by the Catholic Church (baptism performed using trinitarian formula and water), must profess the Roman Catholic Faith within a Ceremony of Profession of Faith before receive the other sacraments of initiation.
  • Other documents will be required before the ceremony of sacraments such as the Sponsor (Godparent) Eligibility Form and the Confirmation Name. The confirmation name must be the name of some saint according to our Catholic faith. For example: Usnavy is not yet a saint recognized in our faith, while Joseph is. The same is with names like Asia — America — Moon — Sun, while Mary is.

Donación del programa

The transmission of faith is priceless! That is God’s theological virtue gift to us, totally gratuitous to us, his children and, we are all obliged to pass it on to others: FREE OF CHARGE! A suggested donation of $90.00 would be greatly appreciated to assist in defraying our expenses.

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