The Virtual Program for Adult Evangelization and Sacramental Preparation will close indefinitely for review and restructuring on Friday, March 24, 2023. The last day to receive applications will be Friday, March 10, 2023.

It is mandatory have the permission of your jurisdictional parish pastor before applying to this course. Download the "Parish Permission Form", fill in your personal information and bring it to your parish to get the pastor signature and seal.

Complete the registration form in the following link and upload a digital copy of the required documents.

STOP: Do not complete the registration form if you do not have ready to upload the "Parish Permission Form". Your registration will be not accepted and processed if you do not attach the required documents

A $90 donation is required to cover the costs associated with this program. You can make your donation online using the link below.

Required Documents:

Electronically filled and signed Online Application
Digital copy of the completed, signed, and sealed “Pastor Permisssion Form”
Copy of Driver License or Photo ID

Other Important Information:

  1. Ceremony of Reception of Sacraments

    Be aware that you can do the virtual course with us, and we can provide you a certificate of completion, but we are not responsible or organize the ceremony of reception of sacraments.

    With the certificate of completion, you should arrange the reception of the missing sacraments with your parish or other church. Please note that your jurisdictional parish and your pastor are the ultimately responsible for your faith formation and sacraments.

  2. Mass Participation

    All are invited to be present at Mass. Mass attendance will facilitate a time of observing how one is to participate in Mass. Sunday Mass is especially beckoning your attendance at your home parish.

    The Mass is the most perfect of all prayers—for the Eucharistic Celebration allows us to deeply enter the mystical living mystery of God in our lives of faith.

  3. Godparents or Sponsors

    For Baptism: Two Godparents / Sponsors are needed. One male godfather or sponsor and one female godparent of sponsor. Both sponsors must have received the sacraments of initiation (baptism, communion, confirmation)

    First Communion: No Sponsors needed.

    Confirmation: A single Sponsor is needed, can be male or female and can be one from the baptism. In the same way, he/she must have received the sacraments of initiation (baptism, communion, confirmation)

  4. Regarding Marriage Preparation

    Please know that it is NOT our responsibility or commitment to prepare couples for the sacramental marriage path. Preparations for marriage are made in the Church where the Marriage will be celebrated or in the Parish to which each one belongs. Also know that we are not responsible if a church gives you a date for your sacramental marriage before you have completed the course.

    We are NOT a "normal" church/parish; therefore, we have no voice in the marriage requirements demanded in different churches. You should discuss these matters with the church in which you are going to marry or with your parish, as it is your responsibility and not ours.

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